Are you ready to go the extra mile to create positive change? If so, holding a fundraiser is a great way to make an enormous difference to the lives of kids in Queensland.

It can be as simple as holding a morning tea at your office and inviting a SCWQ speaker, or opening a fundraising page online and pooling resources with your friends and family. Let’s face it, you’re doing them a favour!…by offering them the opportunity to enjoy all of the warm fuzzies that come with making a real difference in the community.

Alternatively, if the time has come for a spring clean and you’re ready to take things to the next level, why not join forces with your friends and hold a CARE Community Trash & Treasure in your neighbourhood! This is a great way to raise funds for SCWQ while bringing people together for a morning of bargain hunting in the sunshine.

Walk The Line Fundraiser

With the support of Sargent’s 4WD and Truck Hire, Charlotte and Carla – two of SCWQ’s loyal supporters – took some giant steps towards a solution. These girls walked from Sydney to Brisbane in 2010-11, to raise money as well as awareness of the problems faced by our young people today. Funds will support the growth of the SCWQ ‘Talking through Toys’ and ‘Refuge Alliance’ programs – which support Queensland’s youngest and most disadvantaged children. Carla and Charlotte raised a total in excess of $9,000 for Student Care.

Thanks to Charlotte and Carla for their awesome drive, commitment and amazing effort!

To learn more, or get involved, contact us!


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