Homework Diaries

Student Care Welfare Queensland Inc. (SCWQ) also provides specially designed Homework Diaries to selected schools in the Sunshine State. These diaries not only give the students a way to plan their study each week, but also give them affirmations and artwork to promote optimism. Also included are phone numbers and contacts for crisis centres or counselling hotlines that may be able to assist a troubled student through a difficult time.


The production of these diaries relies mainly on donations and sponsorships from local businesses and individuals. Sponsors receive an advertisement in the diaries, either provided by the business or designed by SCWQ and adhering to any company branding that a sponsor may have in place for marketing their business.


The diaries are a black and white publication with a colour front and back cover and, depending on the needs of individual schools, range from 96 pages to 174 pages. These diaries have a readership encompassing a large area within the state.


It is also important to remember that it is not the school children alone who will be utilizing these diaries. There is important school information contained within, such as rules, study guides and school event calendars. Additionally, parents are encouraged to leave notes and communicate with teachers through the diaries during the school week.


Sponsors are able to present their product or business within a certain area-specific territory if required by selecting diaries in schools in their local area. However, it is also possible to spread the name of your company throughout the city, suburbs and local shires if you desire to be included in every diary. This is a great way to expand your clientele and gather interest in your product or service, in an area that you may not yet have had the chance to grow into.


Some of the artwork and affirmations used in the homework diaries are provided by the students themselves as submissions into an art competition run at participating schools. Each participating school will receive representation. This utilises the diaries as a tool for the student’s artistic expression, and also gives the participants the reward of having their contribution recognised and published. Each artist is given recognition in the form of a certificate, which they can use to promote their talents later on when they are looking for  employment or entry into university.


Many schools do not pay for the diaries, as they are offered free of charge. Some schools who have a specific need are offered the diaries at a subsidised rate.


SCWQ is only able to do this with the support of many generous sponsors. Our homework diaries reach out to a diverse range of young people, allowing schools to re-direct funding to other student support services, where it is desperately needed.