At SCWQ, we provide or can facilitate (through our Care Community) the following support services and programs that are directed specifically towards helping young Queenslanders to overcome their problems, find happiness and fulfil their dreams. By doing this, can we create a safety net that allows the children we work with to feel safe and supported.

  • Counselling involving abuse/bullying/family problems etc.
  • Specialised counselling for children in crisis
  • Assistance for disadvantaged students
  • *Delivery of food and clothing when and where possible
  • Provision of personal care products for young women and families
  • Research and lobbying on behalf of children at risk and parents in crisis
  • School art competition and curriculum diaries allowing children to illustrate their thoughts on various problems they encounter
  • Mentoring where possible
  • Referrals to other specialised services

When there has been domestic violence, we need to not only work with the children, but with the parents, if we really want to break the cycle of poverty and abuse and create lasting change in our communities. When there has been trauma in the life of a child, they need not just emotional support, but tutoring and academic support, to keep them on track in school and their self-esteem high.

To learn more about our programs, see below:

Talking through Toys
Homeless Children’s Welfare
Tutoring & Mentoring
Care Packages
Employment Assistance
Homework Diaries & Art Competition


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