Student Care Welfare Qld exists to help those children who would otherwise be left behind. By providing free counselling, food and clothing, tutoring and direct assistance to Queensland’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, we are able to help them move on from their experiences of abuse, neglect, domestic violence and homelessness to realise their full potential, find happiness and achieve their dreams.

What Do We Stand For:

As a Brisbane based non-government organisation (charity), we believe that while there is much inequality in the world, our foremost responsibility is to our local community.  We believe that a healthy future for Queensland begins with our youngest citizens, and that armed with compassion, persistence and determination, no child is beyond help.

What We Aim To Become:

Our vision is to witness the growth of SCWQ into a leading example of a purposeful, professional and productive charity. By expanding our capacity and ensuring high quality, practical services are available to every child in need, we endeavour to help make Queensland a safe and prosperous place for all children.

We receive no ongoing government funding, and rely upon donations and sponsorships from the community & business sector to help the children who would otherwise be left behind. You can help us make a difference! Click here to find out how.

Current Statistics:


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