Free Trauma-Informed Counselling and Play Therapy

We are helping to develop young brains by providing opportunities for growth and healing with the support of fully qualified counsellors.

It's not just our clients who benefit. By providing evidence-based support to young people who have experienced adversity we are helping to create safer schools and kinder communities.

Food and Clothing

By helping to provide the basics of life to families doing it tough, we not only help to meet their basic needs, but we show these families that there IS hope, and there is non-judgemental help available.

Creating Community

A safe place to play and explore in nature is often the best antidote to toxic stress.

The 'Day Village' project is our latest initiative with our first community garden & family resource centre opening in Withcott in 2023

This will be a space for ALL families to benefit from a range of community activities, build relationships and access support services if needed.